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Ecotourism Australia would like to welcome our newest member, Soulful Concepts, to the Ecotourism Australia community.

Soulful Concepts is an accredited travel company that is redefining the tourism industry with its philanthropic travel design that offers hand-crafted travel experiences for charities, corporates and individuals who want to have a positive impact on the destinations they visit.

Group of people standing in a field in the mountains while cheering and holding up a sign.

Photo: Soulful Concepts

Primarily focused on culture, community development, conservation, personal wellbeing and sustainability, socially conscious travellers enjoy a wide range of responsible travel experiences created to minimise the social, economic, and environmental impact on destinations without compromising on comfort and style.

People in sports clothes posing for a group picture with a sign in support of fighting MS.

Photo: Soulful Concepts

Soulful Concepts are committed to responsible travel and sustainability. They believe in the protection of the environment and its wildlife through travel to solidify a personal connection to the world and taking on the responsibility of taking care of it. By working with partners and suppliers that share their commitment to responsible, sustainable, and eco-friendly tourism they aim to encourage “responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment, sustains the wellbeing of the local people, and involves interpretation and education”

"Gentle on the environment" written on the picture of a young monkey in a forest.

Photo: Soulful Concepts

Eco-lodges, green hotels, tree-top rooms, yoga retreats, beachside tents, glamping, and historic houses are just some of the responsible accommodation options that guests get to choose from. Whether travelling solo, with a partner, with a best friend or a like-minded group, Soulful Concepts has a suitable option for your favourite charity or a custom responsible experience to suit you!

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