Hiker standing on top of a mountain, Steve Bruce

Career & Business Opportunities

Are you an Ecotourism Austraila member looking for staff? Searching for your dream sustainable tourism career with one of our certified operators or business supporters? Look no further! We offer free advertising for positions vacant for Ecotourism Australia members.

Contact us to book a job advertisment at eco@ecotourism.org.au or call 07 3256 6777.

Intern with Ecotourism Australia

Ecotourism Australia regularly offers internships and volunteer placements to interested candidates and students studying in the fields of tourism management, marketing, eco and sustainable tourism, and environmental science.

Our internships and volunteer placements are unpaid, located in Brisbane QLD, and typically require three days per week for a minimum duration of three months. Applications for periods of less that 12 weeks will not be considered.

To apply for an internship or volunteer placement, please send a cover letter and CV, along with preferred dates for your placement, to eco@ecotourism.org.au