Cradle Mountain Huts Overland Track Walk,  TAS. Credit: Tasmanian Walking Company

Ecotourism Australia Limited Business Ethics

These ethics are fundamental to the operation of any individual^ or business* that is a member of Ecotourism Australia. Any individual or business found to breach this code may face withdrawal of their membership at the discretion of the Ecotourism Australia Board of Directors.

By continuing to pay the annual renewal fee of your membership with Ecotourism Australia, you agree to comply with the below commitments.

This Individual or Business:

  • Operates within a framework of high ethical standards in its provision of sustainable tourism aligned services and products, and in its relationships with the community in practice and via all communications (including all digital platforms and social media channels);
  • Respects the social, cultural and environmental values, heritage and diversity of Australia, and specifically within its region of operation;
  • Acknowledges and respects Traditional Owners, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and organisations and recognises the primacy of their obligations, rights and responsibilities to Country, the diversity of their cultures and the deep connections they have with Australia’s lands and waters;
  • Is committed to best practice sustainability practices, low environmental impact, and the provision of authentic, high quality products or services that are aligned with the sustainable tourism industry;
  • Complies with its legal and statutory obligations and requirements;
  • Acknowledges its responsibility to treat all customers equally, to meet their reasonable expectations, and to ensure that its advertising and promotional activities accurately reflect the business operations on offer;
  • Ensures that its customers are aware of all terms and conditions of the contract (including terms of payment and cancellation) and deals with complaints in a fair and timely manner;
  • Is committed to non-discrimination, anti-bullying and equal opportunity employment;
  • Ensures that the health and safety of its staff and customers is a key priority in all aspects of its operations;
  • Supports its local community (people, businesses and services), and partners with and/or promotes local/regional ECO certified or Sustainable Tourism certified operators.

^This code of ethics applies to the individual or sole trader where applicable.

* This code of ethics applies to the businesses, including parent and subsidiaries, involved in the membership program including any owners, directors, management and employees-collectively referred to here on as the business.