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What we do

Ecotourism Australia (EA) is a not-for-profit, peak industry body focused on connecting, championing, inspiring and educating people on environmentally sustainable and culturally responsible tourism. We design and deliver certification programs for tourism products and destinations representing, 2,000 tours, attractions and accommodation providers and eco and sustainable tourism destinations.

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Supporting a more sustainable tourism industry

We support visitor economy businesses on a pathway to sustainable practices and global best practice certification for tourism operators.


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Our ECO Certification, the first developed in the world, continues to assure travellers their nature-based tour, accommodation and attraction experience aligns with international best practice sustainability standards. Undergoing the certification process is an excellent business development tool, fostering a deeper understanding of sustainability and ensuring long-term accountability for businesses.


Driven by the growing demand for sustainability programs and desire for every business in the tourism industry to have access to a credible, independently verified certification, we released the Sustainable Tourism Certification in 2022, as well as the Sustainable Tourism Destination Certification for destinations. Using Ecotourism Australia’s 30 plus years’ experience in sustainable and responsible tourism, the Sustainable Tourism Certification program certifies non-nature-based businesses and destinations that are minimising negative impacts and maximising benefits for the environment, community, and culture.

Did you know?

  • 75% of global travelers say that they want to travel more sustainably over the next 12 months (Booking.com, 2024 Report)
  • 75% of travelers are more likely to choose a sustainable hotel (Accor Pacific)
  • 75% of WAMs visitors mention their sustainability practices in their post trip reviews. (Wild Adventures Melbourne)

Connecting with industry

As individuals, businesses and destinations increasingly seek out sustainability information, there is urgent need for valid and credible sustainability recognition in tourism. Increasingly, industry is looking to Ecotourism Australia as the peak body to provide the latest insights and practical pathways to achieve globally recognised sustainable practices. As the peak body for sustainable tourism, we engage broadly with industry, operators, and government at all levels to promote the importance of credible sustainability across the visitor economy.

Advocating for our members

We are committed to advocating for our certified operators and destinations and the importance of sustainable tourism practices to the Australian visitor economy. We raise awareness about the benefits of credibly certified sustainable tourism practices and their positive impacts on the environment, local communities, and cultural heritage. We influence policies and regulations that promote responsible travel, protect natural resources, and reward businesses with validated sustainability claims. Additionally, our advocacy efforts build partnerships and collaborations among industry players, governments, NGOs, and local communities, all working together toward shared sustainability goals. Ultimately, our advocacy drives positive change and fosters a culture of sustainability within the ecotourism industry.

Forming strategic partnerships

Partnering with strategic entities is essential to advance sustainability in the travel industry and drive benefits for businesses committed to ethical practices. By aligning with like-minded organisations, we leverage collective expertise and resources to address complex challenges and drive positive change. Together with our partners, we implement innovative solutions, share best practices, and amplify our impact, ultimately creating a more sustainable and resilient tourism sector for the future.

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Our Partners

We partner with organisations striving to build a strong foundation for the tourism industry and leading tourism innovation, as well as organisations working to conserve the natural environment.

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What is Sustainable Tourism

Explore the meaning of sustainability and its significance in tourism through the framework of the 4 Pillars of Sustainability: Sustainable Management and Socio-economic, Cultural and Environmental Impacts.

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Your Sustainability Pathway

Getting started on your sustainability journey is an important step towards fostering responsible tourism practices. Explore our Certifications and Pathway Program to get started.