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Getting started on your ECO Guide Certification

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ECO Guide Certification recognises guides who deliver an authentic, environmentally responsible, and professional experience. ECO Guide Certification provides a professional development framework for tour operators, Protected Area Managers, and accredited training deliverers.

Owned by Ecotourism Australia and managed by  Savannah Guides —an accredited training provider collaborating with top tourism, environmental, and community organisations—the program upholds high standards in interpretation, public education, training, guiding leadership, and natural and cultural resource management across Australia.

Why should I apply for ECO Guide Certification?

Whether you’re starting a career as a guide or aiming to enhance your skills, Savannah Guides offers training, and valuable advice. For existing guides seeking improvement, they provide support to expand your knowledge and communication skills. If you’re an Indigenous or regional tour operator, Savannah Guides resources and staff training options can help your business reach its full potential.

By becoming certified with Ecotourism Australia through Savannah Guides you are ensuring you meet strict standards of operation and abide by professional Codes of Conduct and that anyone doing a tour with you can be assured of a quality product and service.

Is the ECO Guide program best suited to me?

The certification accesses:

  • Generic Guiding Skills including knowledge of the tourism industry; roles and responsibilities of a guide; communication skills; safety and risk management; group management; developing and delivering tour activities; and content knowledge.
  • EcoGuide Specific Skills including minimal impact principles; a commitment to ongoing professional development and respecting Indigenous culture.

To be eligible you must:

  • Have at least 12 months guiding experience, OR
  • Hold a guiding qualification (e.g. Certificate III or IV in Guiding) and have a minimum of 3 months full time guiding experience.

What are the costs associated with certification?

Application Fee: $130 including GST
Annual Fee $110 including GST

To start the process, follow these steps:


Complete the ECO Guide Application Form and email it to Savannah Guides (info@savannah-guides.com.au). You can return the form (printed, completed, and scanned) or simply include the required details in an email.


Savannah Guides will email your receipt and editable PDF ECO Guide Workbook. You have 12 months to complete your application.


Submit your completed ECO Guide Workbook for assessment. Incomplete applications may be submitted a second time.


Complete your Guiding Assessment with an ECO Guide Assessor. This can be in person, which may have an additional cost to cover assessor expenses or using video or other technology. You must submit your Activity Plan and demonstrate competency in leading a tour group, presentation techniques and minimal impact guiding.

Register for ECO Guide Certification today!

Contact Savahanna Guides on 0408 772 513 or email info@savannahguides.com.au to apply.