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Ecotourism Australia is proud to announce its newest member, A.Kube Aviation, which has recently been certified at the Nature Tourism level. A.Kube Aviation is not only dedicated to providing a quality and exciting experience to its visitors but also one which assures its activities have a minimal impact on the environment.

Based in country Victoria and flying out of Nhill, Horsham and the Kube family’s very own airstrip, A.Kube Aviation takes visitors on scenic flights where they are exposed to a variety of exciting and wild places and sights. A.Kube focuses on providing visitors with a once in a lifetime view into some of the natural, rare events in these areas. Some of these spectacular occurrences include watching the filling of Kati Thanda/Lake Eyre with water and viewing the flooded river of the Gulf of Carpentaria after a wet season. Through these trips, dedicated guides give visitors an insight and knowledge about the areas they view through the aircraft’s windows.

Wetlands during sunset reflecting on the clear water.

Photo: A.Kube Aviation

The spell-binding Lake Eyre Kati Thanda 3-day tour features a spectacular view of the Diamantina River, beginning in central Queensland, past Birdsville and feeding into the Goyder Lagoon. This is a sight best seen from the air which is sure to leave visitors speechless.

The magical Gulf of Carpentaria 6-day trip is perfect for anyone seeking an explosion of patterns and colours. Overlooking huge serpentine rivers and sprawling across the remote and wild savannah area, this trip is truly a feast for the senses.

The Grampians and Wimmera Scenic 1-1.5 hr flight is a quick yet thrilling view of the area, filled with colourful farming land, majestic mountain ranges, hidden valleys and waterfalls. It is a quick taste of the incredible area from high up in the sky.

A range of large red sand dunes stretching out to the horizon with flat bush land on both sides.

Photo: A.Kube Aviation

For anyone looking for a more in-depth view of our incredible Australia, the 11-day Kimberley and Western Australia Safari has you covered. Flying from one side of the country to the other by air is an incomparable experience, especially when upon arrival you are exposed to the enormity of everything in the Kimberley: Endless wild coastline, inland colours and huge lakes are all elements making for a truly unforgettable experience.

In addition to the truly magical experiences it provides, A.Kube Aviation amazes with its variety of sustainability initiatives which all work towards ensuring these incredible sights will exist for generations to come. A.Kube Aviation has made huge efforts towards offsetting its carbon emissions. The company does this by planting trees on their farm, with thousands of trees already planted over the last 38 years.

The Kube’s pride and joy, and main facilitator of these trips is the Cessna 210 aircraft. This aircraft was chosen very deliberately, and due to its retractable landing gear and efficient airframe, it has amazing fuel economy for an aircraft of its type. The Cessna 210 is also flown “Lean of Peak,” meaning the special fuel injectors and monitoring create a cleaner running engine that uses 15% less fuel than a usual set up.

A.Kube Aviation’s ethos lies in the belief that sharing the world’s beauty is an integral way of encouraging people to care for the environment. Through its trips, A.Kube Aviation provide a valuable education into the nature of the area as well as insights into the rural and remote communities visited. Due to their 20 years in outback Queensland with First Nations people and rural communities, A.Kube Aviation’s staff ensure authentic information and amazing insights into the area and its cultures.

Small, sparse islands from above surrounded by clear water and sand banks.

Photo: A.Kube Aviation

Viewing wildlife in their natural habitats is also a large element of the tours, and for this reason, A.Kube Aviation ensures that this is done in a way that ensures there is no impact on wildlife’s natural behaviours and feeding patterns. This is done through regular communications with partner organisations who advise on these regulations and recommendations.

Once again, we are thrilled to welcome A.Kube Aviation to the Ecotourism Australia family and cannot wait to see all that is to come! For more information on all A.Kube Aviation has to offer, visit their Facebook page or website.

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