Tourism Tribe

Jun 16, 2023 | Case Study

Tourism Tribe
Tourism Training Organisation
Turrbal Country / Brisbane, Queensland

Tourism Tribe, established in 2015, is a leading training organisation dedicated to supporting the tourism industry in embracing sustainability and maximising opportunities in the digital environment.

Tourism Tribe General Manager, Despina Karatzias, and Business Development Manager, Amanda Hinton, previously operated ecotourism businesses and achieved Advanced Ecotourism Certification with Ecotourism Australia. They both loved the process of certification and were thrilled by the opportunity to continue their sustainability journey with Tourism Tribe through the Strive 4 Sustainability Scorecard.

“Tourism Tribe is deeply passionate about sustainable tourism, and as a non-traditional tourism business model, we were excited by the announcement of the Strive 4 Sustainability Scorecard,” stated Amanda Hinton. “The scorecard is an excellent tool we can use to measure our sustainability year on year with the outlook of continual improvement and business growth.”

Now, the team is equipped with the right insights to build on their sustainability initiatives.

“The scorecard has given us an actionable list of changes and improvements that can be made within the business to improve its sustainability and how much we give back to our communities. We are already looking forward to the annual review and seeing how much progress we can make. It is going to give us the direction we need to build a better tomorrow.”

Navigating the scorecard’s online portal to address each scorecard criteria was seamless thanks to its user-friendly interface. The portal’s supporting tools also provided clear context and guidance so the Tourism Tribe team could answer each topic as clearly as possible.

“We also found the team at Ecotourism Australia extremely helpful with any additional questions we required clarification on due to the unique nature of our online business model.”

The Tourism Tribe team made the most of their application process by carefully considering each process in their operations, and even brainstorming new sustainability ideas.

“Before even receiving the results, we were coming up with ways we could improve our practices to become more sustainable and align with the criteria better.

“It made us pause and consider all the different components of a sustainable business. It was very educational and will support us with business growth and our future applications for grants and awards.”

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Tourism Tribe completed their Strive 4 Sustainability Scorecard on 27 March 2023 and is a snapshot of their current sustainability practices. The scorecard is not a certification and is valid for 12 months upon completion.

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