Salt & Bush Eco Tours

Apr 3, 2023 | Case Study

Salt & Bush Eco Tours
Ecotourism Business
Gnaala Karla Booja Country / Binjareb Region, Western Australia

Sustainability is at the core of Salt & Bush Eco Tours’ ethos when taking their guests through the global diversity hotspot of the Binjareb region on Gnaala Karla Booja Country in Western Australia.

Located 90 minutes outside of Perth and operating among unique landscapes, Salt & Bush Eco Tours already make it their responsibility to protect the surrounding natural environment, but owners Jamie and Base wanted a credible benchmark to measure the sustainability of their tours against.

“Ecotourism is at the heart of what we do, we believe tourism can be a force for good for our planet and our local community. Using a benchmark for our sustainability practices was important to us so that we could ensure we are doing everything we can to reduce our ecological footprint and contribute to our local environment.”

Now, the company is the first in Western Australia to strive for tourism sustainability using the Strive 4 Sustainability Scorecard.

The scorecard usually takes less than a day to complete before being submitted to Ecotourism Australia for a breakdown of business sustainability.

“The Strive 4 Sustainability Scorecard used the four pillars of sustainability to provide a clear report detailing which areas of sustainability management we were performing well in as well as clear, practical insights on areas we could improve. Receiving a score of 93% was so satisfying for us, however we look forward to improving on this score as we move forwards.”

With a sustainability score to display to their guests, completing the Strive 4 Sustainability Scorecard is an excellent way to bring their guests along with them on their sustainability journey.

Salt & Bush Eco Tours’ scorecard included rubbish clean-ups in the local community, collecting data through citizen science and engaging in conservation, Salt & Bush Eco Tours created the not-for-profit environmental organisation Swanlandia Inc. Their mission is to increase ecology and conservation education by redirecting a portion of their profits to environmental education projects along the Swan Coastal Plain and the Indian Ocean.

With a better understanding of their current sustainability practices, Salt & Bush Eco Tours is aiming to achieve global best practice sustainability through our ECO Certification program for nature-based tourism businesses.

“As professional naturalist guides we love making people excited about nature, from the tiniest moss to our largest trees, from microbial communities to the whales that migrate along our coast.”

Ask Salt & Bush Eco Tours about how they strive for tourism sustainability on your next trip to the Binjareb region.

Salt & Bush Eco Tours

Salt & Bush Eco Tours

Start your sustainability journey.



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