Kimberley Quest Eco certification

Sep 5, 2023 | Case Study

Kimberley Quest
Ecotourism certified operator
The Kimberley, Western Australia

Rugged orange ranges, crashing waterfalls, and arid wilderness – this stark scenery along one of the world’s last wilderness frontiers sets the scene for each one of Kimberley Quest’s cruises between Broome and Wyndham in Australia’s northwest corner.

Despite operating for more than 25 years, the view is just as magnificent as it was over two decades ago. Kimberley Quest’s cruises reach landscapes that others can’t, aided by the shape and design of their 25-metre vessel, the Kimberley Quest II, made for a relaxing and luxury cruising experience.

The Kimberley Quest crew understand that with access to pristine environments, comes the responsibility to protect them.

“Protection and conservation of the Kimberley natural assets – this is vital to Kimberley Quest’s long-term sustainable business growth,” states Kimberley Quest General Manager, Claire Marquis.

In 2023, Kimberley Quest celebrated reaching over 20-years of ECO Certification by Ecotourism Australia, earning them a spot in the Hall of Fame for their long-standing dedication to global best practice sustainability standards.

Throughout their time with Ecotourism Australia, it’s clear that their sustainability ethos drives is a key driver in creating memorable experiences for their guests.

“Kimberley Quest is proud our expeditions capture amazing sights and highlight the significant environment. Local expedition guides share their love and knowledge of country, history, culture, flora, fauna and marine environment with guests,” states Marquis.

The crew’s knowledge is aided by their mentor; an on-board Naturalist with 30-years of experience, and they champion sustainability initiatives such as minimal impact bush walking, implementing waste reduction measures and cleaning up rubbish they find, capping guest numbers, and modern cruise technology to cut emissions.

Leading by example, the Kimberley Quest crew make it their mission to spread their passion for protecting their surrounding environment.

Marquis stated, “Living and breathing the common principle of ‘take only photos, leave only footprints’, the Kimberley Quest crew enhance guests’ experiences through providing everlasting knowledge and tools that encourage respect and protection of the natural environment and culture.”

Even guests are taking notice of their sustainability efforts. One guest left a review stating, “The crew are very conscious on ecotourism and the impact on the environment. Only enough fish were caught for us to have for a meal, rubbish collection was done consciously and carefully. They were active in making suggestions to us all on how to do the least amount of damage to the environment when we were visiting any areas of interest.”

Their incredible legacy, recognised in Ecotourism Australia’s Hall of Fame, is no small feat. Check out experiences backed by over 20 years of striving for sustainable tourism: https://greentravelguide.org/listing/kimberley-quest

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