Ecotourism Australia welcomes Iris Lodge Alpacas to the community

by | Aug 10, 2021 | Article

Iris Lodge Alpacas

We are so excited to announce that Iris Lodge Alpacas has successfully achieved ECO Certification at the Nature Tourism level!

The lodge offers a great opportunity for guests to experience real life on a working farm. Guests can choose to have either a farm stay or a breakfast/afternoon tea with alpacas and can engage with day-to-day farm activities depending on their schedules and seasons.

Founding the farm with just two alpacas, Iris Lodge Alpacas now homes over 60 alpacas, two llamas, sheep, cows and horses which guests can get to know during their stay. While you make some furry friends, you’ll have the opportuntity to learn about the farm’s array of sustainability practices, championed by owner Sean Hooper.

A group of alpacas standing on fenced green land and someones breakfast in the in front in the center.

Iris Lodge Alpacas

A keen focus on land regeneration is exemplified through the farm’s flourishing environment. Cultivating biodiversity, a water catchment was built on the property which sees hundreds of birds flocking to the farm, while grass varieties and over 9,000 trees have been planted by staff to improve farm conditions for its array of livestock. Careful consideration was taken to ensure appropriate food sources and adequate habitats would foster a liveable environment for surrounding wildlife, including the critically endangered swift parrots living in the area.

Solar power, responsible waste management, biodegradable cleaning agents, and erosion control are also among the caretaking activities that ensure this operator continues to protect the natural environment and champions sustainable tourism.

Iris Lodge Alpacas was certified thanks in part to our partners at WWF-Australia seeking to certify responsible tourism in the Central Coast, which is applying for ECO Destination Certification with Ecotourism Australia.


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Read more on WWF-Australia funding on ECO Certification in Central Coast.


All images courtesy of Iris Lodge Alpacas

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