Beachcomber Holiday Park

Nov 1, 2023 | Case Study

Beachcomber Holiday Park
Yuin Country / Eurobodalla National Park, New South Wales

On one side, waves gently lap onto Potato Point beachfront. On the other, dense trees line the edge of Eurobodalla National Park. At Beachfront Holiday Park, guests have the best of both worlds and a choice of four types of cozy cabins for the perfect nature stay on Yuin Country, New South Wales.

Surrounded by wildlife and pristine environments, it’s important to them to take part in green initiatives for the protection of the land they rely on.

Thanks to a partnership between Ecotourism Australia and Destination NSW, Beachcomber Holiday Park was able to complete the Strive 4 Sustainability Scorecard to assess where they were at on their sustainability journey.

“We are always looking to improve our footprint and the overall impact we and our guests have on planet Earth,” said manager Garry Sullivan. For him, finding out what he was doing well and which areas he could improve upon was his main goal.

Using Ecotourism Australia’s simple and easy to navigate portal, Garry was proud to report through the Scorecard that Beachcomber Holiday Park’s clean energy was contributing to a better tourism future. Its facilities are solar powered or powered by battery storage, and they contribute to water conservation by capturing rainwater and using water from underground bores.

Garry could report they are constantly seeking to minimise waste through composting and recycling, as well as ensuring they use low impact cleaning products to better protect the surrounding Eurobodalla National Park’s delicate ecosystems.

The Strive 4 Sustainability Scorecard allowed him to look back on how Beachcomber Holiday Park is setting the groundwork for a more sustainable operation, but in the process learned there was more to sustainability than he thought.

“What I found most interesting was that being 100 off-grid is not enough,” said Garry. “More energy and resources need to be directed toward educating our team, our guests, and our local community on the importance of becoming more sustainable as a collective.”

Sharing with others how to look after the environment they visit is a crucial step toward on any sustainability journey, and Beachcomber Holiday Park is eager to keep improving on their operation using personalised feedback provided through the Strive 4 Sustainability Scorecard.

“Our next steps are to share our sustainability journey, the successes and the actions we are going to undertake with our stakeholders so there is a level of accountability at our end,” stated Garry. “We also want to help create a positive message, so others come along for the ride and even kickstart their own sustainability journey.”

See Beachcomber Holiday Park’s eco-cabins: https://beachcomberholidaypark.com.au/

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