Tilma Group

Apr 12, 2023 | Case Study

Jagera, Giabal and Jarowair Country / Toowoomba, Queensland

Led by Managing Director Linda Tillman, Tilma Group is a leading regional tourism and events agency founded in 2008 that has established a reputation for its commitment to sustainable tourism practices with a nimble and proficient team.

According to Tillman, their dedication to sustainability is evident in many aspects of their operations.

“As a business committed to sustainable tourism practices, we are proud to have completed the Strive for Sustainability Scorecard. This powerful tool allows us to take a comprehensive and structured approach to achieving our sustainability goals.”

Crucially, it enables them to contribute to protecting the environment and the well-being of local communities.

Accessibility information is a vital component of creating a sustainable business. Tilma Group promotes responsible tourism practices through its marketing platforms, including their website which enhances accessibility through the comprehensive ‘Userway’ software for people with varying disabilities. Not only that, Tilma Group’s commitment to environmental management, conservation and community support made their scorecard stand out.

Tilma Group is committed to reducing carbon emissions through verified carbon offsetting and considering the socio-economic and cultural impacts of their operations. They value exceptional customer service, evident in their 5-star ratings on Google and social media.

With a team from rural and regional backgrounds, they have an innate understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities facing these communities. Tilma Group demonstrates that even small businesses can make sustainability a fundamental part of their operations and get involved in giving back.

At Tilma Group, the philosophy is to play a part in building a brighter future for everyone. Their steadfast dedication to sustainability, exceptional customer service, accessibility, and responsible tourism has earned them a reputation as a reliable partner for businesses throughout regional Australia.

As Tillman states, “We believe the Strive for Sustainability Scorecard is an excellent tool for any enterprise looking for a launch point to start their sustainability journey.”

Tilma Group

Tilma Group


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